Mental Musings

Defying the defined

Mental Musings: Discovering Him While Discovering Me

It happened again. I allowed my emotions to get the best of me. Although I’d promised myself that I would be more understanding, patient, and objective this time around, I failed. My expectations were set extremely high, so it was easy for him to disappoint. These thoughts raced through my mind as I replayed all…

Mental Musings: Receiving Validation After Years of Sacrifice

Entrepreneurship. That single word carries so much meaning that no two people share the exact same experience. While some aspects of the journey are similar, we all go down the path and make decisions that land us in different places. I wrote some years ago that I became an accidental entrepreneur. It wasn’t something I…

Mental Musings: Writing to Remember

Almost two months ago, I published the book, Defiant! Redefining Singleness at 30+, because I wanted to document some critical life events that have led me to being 30 and single. What originally started as a series of letters to my unborn adult daughter, reassuring her that being 30+ and single isn’t a bad thing,…

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